How it works:

The Concept

Friends In Route is a great way to save money on travel expenses, and meet great people. The concept is simple; private club members host other club members as guests in their homes. By offering their seldom-used guest rooms to other members, Friends In Route members participate in a network of delightful lodgings for considerate travelers. These are not costly commercial Bed & Breakfast Inns, but down-to-earth, non-commercial lodgings in private homes with folks who care about you.

Whether your host's home is up in the mountains, out in the country, in the heart of the city, or down by the seashore, you'll find something special about each place and the people who live there.

The Members

Friends In Route is for travelers over 40 who enjoy making new friends and contacts. Club members are generally active people who are interested in life and eager to expand their horizons. Some combine busy careers with travel, while others are empty-nesters or retirees that want to do some serious traveling. Often, those who have retired find themselves busier than ever, with all of the “leisure” activities they want to pursue – hiking, biking, sailing, volunteer work, hobbies, etc. In addition to these activities, or sometimes in order to participate in these activities, many members find themselves traveling even more.

The Benefits

Friends In Route hospitality not only enriches your experience with personal advice about the area, but reduces travel costs, too, providing delightful accommodations in private homes for as little as $10 a day. That means that travelers can save thousands on their travel expenses, and create some new friendships in the process.

Breakfast and Friendly Hospitality

Members enjoy comfortable accommodations in lovely homes, tasty breakfasts and gracious hospitality. With Friends In Route, you can expect friendly conversation to get acquainted and learn first-hand information about the area. Guests are expected to be self-sufficient, reasonable and considerate. You should plan outside activity during the day so as not to disrupt your host’s normal routine. If you enjoy a leisurely pace and like to visit out-of-the-way places, getting to know the people who live there, you’re going to love Friends In Route. We realize, however, that this kind of experience is not for everyone. People who are short on time or require privacy may prefer commercial lodging. Keep in mind, though, that even if you save only ONE night of commercial lodging, your membership has more than paid for itself.

Arranging Accommodations

Members can view up-to-date details about each potential accommodation in our members-only, online directory. The directory contains contact information, host interests, amenities, bed size, and more. An online map, powered by Google, allows you to incorporate convenient overnight stays into your travel plans, and even get a “street view” of the home, neighborhood, and general area, making it easy to find while traveling. Once you have selected prospective hosts, you then make contacts, via phone or email, and arrange accommodations directly with them.

Gratuities Payable to Your Host

Guests pay a small gratuity to their host, to cover the minor expenses of providing breakfast and lodging.

$10/single (one person in guest room).
$15/double (two people sharing a guest room).
$5 / each additional person

 Annual Dues

Annual dues are $58 per year, payable upon joining, and on each anniversary month of joining. Special discount programs will be offered periodically to members, which may reduce this amount even more. As you can see, by saving the cost of just ONE hotel night, the membership easily pays for itself. For members outside North America, annual dues are just $1 US

CHARTER MEMBER SPECIAL: The special Charter Member fee (dues) is $20. All members who join Friends In Route during Calendar Year 2010, or before the initial membership goal of 200 is reached, will be considered Charter Members. No additional fee will be due from Charter Members until at least one year after the 200 goal is reached. Charter Members will never pay more than 50 percent of the annual membership fee as long as they maintain continuous membership in Friends In Route. (Friends In Route retains the right to extend the definition of Charter Member.)

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