When you're traveling, why not stay with friends?

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Friends In Route is a fun, practical resource for travelers over 40 who enjoy making friends and contacts. Club members can save hundreds or even thousands of dollars on travel accommodations. More importantly, members enjoy the benefits of having friends who live in the area where they are traveling; friends who can point out local sites, “don't miss” attractions, and those hidden “locals only” finds.

  1. With Friends In Route, you can enjoy the hospitality of members’ private homes for just $15 per couple, per night. Enjoy a restful stay in your host's guest room, a nice breakfast, friendly conversation and sightseeing tips. Often, you'll also make new and lasting friendships along the way.

  2. Whether you are traveling on business, pleasure, or a combination of both, Friends In Route is your passport to unique travel experiences!  By pooling members' seldom-used guest rooms, Friends In Route has developed a network of enjoyable lodging options for considerate travelers. These are not costly commercial Bed and Breakfast Inns, or pricey hotels, but down-to-earth, non-commercial lodgings in private homes, for truly affordable travel with folks who care about you.

Whether your host's home is up in the evergreen mountains, out in the country, in the heart of the city, or down by the seashore, you'll find something special about each place and the people who live there.

No matter where you're heading... you'll find Friends In Route!

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